Top 10 Videogames That Deal With Death


Death can be very hard to deal with. Sometimes, it can even be quite traumatizing when you lose a loved one, however, it is part of the natural cycle of life and, the process of grief and moving on is one that is incredibly necessary in order for life to continue. More often then not, videogames have death all around, not really paying a lot of attention to it, however, some videogames deal with death in interesting ways. From grief, all the way to revenge, here is our list of top 10 videogames that deal with death!

Starting off at number 10 is Max Payne!

Even though it might be a story of revenge, it still touches on the subject of death, loss and grief in a very intense and terrifying way, with Max Payne reliving memories and hearing voices of the night where his family was murdered. It is not easy to deal with the loss of a wife and a son at the same time so, Max Payne goes on a quest to figure out who was behind all of it and to get his revenge. It is a very emotionally heavy touch on death that we can’t help but remember.

At number 9 is Dark Souls!

Even though it might not quite touch on the subject of death directly, the Souls games have death all around and it truly feels like some of the adventurers are nothing but ghosts that are stranded in this strange and mysterious world! it is eery and it almost feels like we are trapped in the underworld as we play.

At number 8 is Dante’s Inferno!

In this hack and slash game and, as the name suggests, you play in a literal hell, battling monsters along the way as Dante tries to find the love of his life again, Beatrice! This is a game that is heavily inspired by the book Divine Comedy that also revolves around the same concept. It is a literal representation of the afterlife that is grim and daunting and truly makes us think how far someone is able to go for love!

At number 7 is God Of War for the PS4!

This reinvention of the God Of War series is now considered one of the best games of the generation! The story and the themes touched in this game are heavy and emotionally intense and, they all deal with the loss of Krato’s second wife. We can see the states of grief in both Krato’s and his son, as they journey towards the top of the mountain so they can scatter his wife’s ashes.

At number 6 is Death Stranding!

This game takes a whole different approach on death, with the dead actually becoming dangerous creatures if they’re not taken care of in time! In this very dangerous futuristic world, there is no time for grief and, there is always a very thin line between reality and the underworld, with both being in the same plane at the same time. It is an incredibly convoluted story and setting that really makes us scratch our heads while trying to understand it.

At number 5 is That Dragon, Cancer!

While the previous entry on our list took the concept of death and twisted it on its head, this videogame actually presents it to us quite blatantly, showing us that sometimes we just have to accept it. This game is all about the battle of the developer’s son against cancer and it is a game that teaches us that even with the certain fate of death right around the corner, sometimes, a little bit of hope that everything will be fine is all we need for things to get better.

At number 4 is What Remains of Edith Finch!

This amazing indie game doesn’t focus solely on one death but, instead, on all the members of the family’s deaths and how tragic they all were, you know, the curse of the Finch family! It is a very mysterious but also heartwarming game that truly makes us appreciate the time we have.

At number 3 is Journey!

Even though this game doesn’t specify that it touches on death directly, it is the players that made this connection! Since you get to see other players as you go through the game, without talking, just interacting and helping each other along the way, some players found that this game has helped them deal with grief and loss because it felt like those loved ones were playing the game with them. It is a very eery game but one that provides serenity and comfort when we need it the most.

At number 2 is Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons!

This is a game all about two brothers who’s mother passed away so, the only one left to take care of them is their father, however, he gets very sick so, the two brothers go on a journey to find a way to save him. Because of the game’s controls, you get to truly feel like both brothers are helping each other, while dealing with the loss of their mother, as well as the possible end of their father.

Finally, at number 1 is Spiritfarer!

When it comes to videogames that deal with death, this might be the one that takes the cake! In this videogame, you are tasked with finding spirits that are lost and fulfilling their last wishes, as they take the form of the animal that represents them! It is a very heartwarming game where you truly get to know and form a connection with the characters, before taking them to their final resting place so that they can finally move on.



We hope you enjoyed our list of top 10 videogames that deal with death! Let us know down in the comments section below, what are some of the videogames that deal with death that you like and if they helped you in any way!

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